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100 bp DNA Ladder
100 bp DNA Ladder

Suitable for sizing double-stranded DNA fragments from 100-1500 bp.
Name Cat# Description Price Qty
100 bp DNA Ladder
50 µg, 100 lanes
100 bp DNA Ladder
250 µg, 500 lanes

The 100 bp DNA Ladder is suitable for sizing double-stranded DNA fragments from 100-2000 bp. The ladder is prepared from a plasmid containing repeats of a 100 bp DNA fragment. Agarose gel analysis must show that bands between 100-1500 bp are distinguishable after ethidium bromide staining. The 1000 bp band must be more intense than any other ladder band except the 2000 bp band.

This ladder is premixed with Gel Loading Dye, Blue (6X) for direct gel electrophoresis.

100bp DNA Ladder-premixed

Determination of the molecular weight of nucleic acids

Concentration and Usage:
Conc. 0.1 μg/μl and 5 μl per lane

Storage: Store at room temperature.

Stable under room temperature.

Recommended Storage Condition -20°C

Manual & Protocols

COA ( Certificate of Analysis )

MSDS & Certificates

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