2X HotSybr qPCR Kit
2X HotSybr qPCR Kit

Sybr green dye based 4x1.25ml for 200 reactions. Designed for all kinds of real-time PCR machines.
Name Cat# Description Price Qty
2X HotSybr qPCR Kit
Regular level of ROX, 200 rnx, 4x1.25ml
2X HotSybr qPCR Kit
Low level of ROX, 200 rnx, 4x1.25ml
2X HotSybr qPCR Kit
ROX Free, 200 rnx, 4x1.25ml
Rox Reference Dye Instrument Catalog No.
No Rox BioRad iCycler MiniOpticon, Opticon 2, Chromo 4, iQ5; Roche LightCycler 480; MJ Research DNA Engine Opticon 2, Chromo 4; Corbett Rotogene 3000, 6000 HSM400RF
Low Rox ABI® 7500 qPCR Systems, ViiA™ 7, QuantStudio™ 12K Flex, Agilent Mx3000P™ Mx3005P™ and Mx4000™ HSM400LR
Regular Rox ABI® PRISM® 7000, 7700, 7900HT, ABI® 7300 qPCR Systems, GeneAmp® 5700, StepOne™, and the StepOnePlus™ HSM400

For Research Use Only.


Figure: Amplification of human GAPDH gene target with 2X HotSybr Real-time PCR Kit. Amplification curves are shown for ten fold dilutions of 0.0002pM to 20pM of plasmid. Insets show the dissociation profile and the standard curve data.

This is a high performance real-time PCR reagent. It utilizes MCLAB's proprietary quantitative PCR technology.

2x HotSybr PCR Reaction Mix products cut the total reaction time down to half.

- Normally the total reaction time is 4350 seconds: 95°C, 10 minutes => (95°C, 15 seconds => 60°C, 60 seconds) x 50
- For MCLAB's 2x HotSybr PCR Reaction Mix, the total reaction time is reduced to 2350 seconds: 95°C, 10 minutes => (95°C, 5 seconds => 60°C, 30 seconds) x 50

Sybr green dye based quantitative PCR: including DNA quantification, 2-step RT PCR, SNP analysis, etc.

Primer and probe design:
Appropriate software, such as ABI Primer ExpressTM, should be used.

Recommended Reaction Conditions:
95°C, 10 minutes -> (95°C, 5 seconds. -> 60°C, 30 seconds.) for 50 cycles -> melting curve.

Recommended Storage Conditions: -20°C

To achieve accurate quantification, it is highly recommended to (1) do replicates; (2) reduce pipetting error; (3) primer concentration from 100nM to 300nM; (4) run melting curve following amplification cycles.

Higuchi R, Dollinger G, Walsh PS, Griffith R; Bio/Technology 10: 413-417, 1992

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