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Antibody Sequencing Service
Antibody Sequencing Service

MCLAB offers a fast and professional sequencing service for your valuable monoclonal antibodies.
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Name Cat# Description Price Qty
Variable Domains Sequencing
Clones and sequences both heavy chain variable region (VH) and light chain variable region (VL) of monoclonal antibodies from hybridoma, 7 business days
Variable Domains Plus Sequencing
VDB -100
Clones and sequences both heavy chain variable region (VH) and light chain variable region (VL) plus leader sequences, 10 business days
Full Length Antibody Sequencing
Clones and sequences variable regions, constant domains and leader sequences for both heavy chain and light chain from hybridoma, 12 business days
NGS Antibody Sequencing
NGS analysis of the natural native repertoires from libraries and provide information on development of effective vaccines and antibody based therapeutics
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Antibody Sequence Cloning
ACS -105
Order any of the sequencing services and cloning of purified antibody cDNA into designated expression vector, 3 business days* (standard MC TOPO vectors, time for customer designated vector cloning varies)


MCLAB offers a fast and professional sequencing service for your valuable monoclonal antibodies. We can sequence from any antibody producing cell line with a service that can be tailored to your requirements for quality control, patent applications, antibody engineering and drug development. 


•Proprietary enzyme technology ensures a high success rate
•Bi-directional sequencing of multiple independent clones guarantees superb sequence accuracy
•Quick turnaround with high quality and competitive pricing
•A detailed project report with annotated antibody DNA, protein sequences, and CDRs

Starting Materials:
- A pellet of snap frozen cells (1x107 cells) expressing your antibody

Technical Summary

techflow for antibody

Stage 1: Total RNA extraction from the hybridoma cell pellet
Total RNA will be extracted and purified from the hybridoma cell pellet. The quality of the total RNA will be assayed on the Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100.
Stage 2 : Reverse transcription
Total RNA will be transcribed into cDNA using either an Oligo(dT) or a gene-specific anti-sense primer. Specific murine and human constant domain primers can be used to determine the isotype of the antibody.
Stage 3 : PCR or 5' RACE amplification of heavy and light chains
Degenerate VH and VL primers are used to amplify the variable domains from the cDNA.
For 5'RACE, our proprietary adaptor is added to the 3' end of the cDNA. The heavy and light chains can now be amplified with our proprietary adaptor (sense primer) and a gene specific (CH/CL, reverse primer). PCR products will include the sequence of the signal peptide, variable domains and constant domains up to the reverse primer.
Stage 4 : Cloning into a standard sequencing vector
The PCR products will be gel purified to clone into a sequencing vector for sequencing.
Stage 5 : Sequencing analysis
As a standard, we will sequence a minimum of 12 independent clones for each chain.
Stage 6 : Final Report
A detailed report is produced on the work performed which includes the sequence alignments of the heavy and light chains and is e-mailed to the client.


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BL21(DE3)pLysS Competent <i>E. coli</i>
HB101 Competent <i>E. coli</i>
JM109 Competent <i>E. coli</i>
BL21(DE3)pLysS Competent E. coli HB101 Competent E. coli JM109 Competent E. coli
Customized Competent <i>E. coli</i>
Dh5-Alpha Competent  <em>E. coli </em>
2X HotStart PCR Master Mix
Customized Competent E. coli Dh5-Alpha Competent E. coli 2X HotStart PCR Master Mix
Exonuclease I (<i>E. coli</i>)
<em>Taq</em> DNA Polymerase
T7 RNA Polymerase
Exonuclease I (E. coli) Taq DNA Polymerase T7 RNA Polymerase