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Choo-Choo  Cloning™ Kits
Choo-Choo Cloning™ Kits

Easy, fast, and multiple-insert cloning, no restriction enzymes or ligases

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Choo-Choo Cloning™ Kits are highly efficient directional PCR cloning kits for rapid, ligase and restriction enzyme-independent cloning of PCR products. They allow cloning any PCR fragment into any linearized vector at any location. By simply incubating on the ice, the ends of a PCR-generated DNA fragment can be precisely fused into a DNA vector with 15 bp (or more) overlapping homologous sequence. The system is very robust. Up to 8 PCR-generated DNA fragments can be assembled and cloned into one piece (up to 10 kb in one step). The system is highly efficient, with 98-100% positive colonies.


  1. Clone any insert into any vector you choose at any location
  2. No restriction digestion, phosphatase treatment, or ligation required
  3. Multiple fragments (up to 8 pieces)
  4. Broad PCR sizes (up to 10 kb)
  5. Final constructs are seamless with no extra or unwanted base pairs
  6. Simple 45 minute single-tube reaction on ice protocol
  7. High efficiency with >  98% positive colonies
  8. Compatible with adaptor, linker and tag addition before or after the inserts; compatible with gene synthesis
  9. High throughput applications

The Workflow of Choo-Choo CloningTM Kits

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