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Lambda Exonuclease
Lambda Exonuclease

Lambda Exonuclease catalyzes the hydrolysis of inorganic pyrophosphate to form orthophosphate.
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Lambda Exonuclease
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Lambda Exonuclease
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Lambda Exonuclease
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Lambda Exonuclease is a highly processive exonuclease which selectively degrades the 5'-phosphorylated strand of double-stranded DNA via the stepwise 5' to 3' release of mononucleotides from duplex DNA. Lambda Exonuclease is inactive against 5'-hydroxyl termini(1), and will not initiate excision at a nick or gap(2), though it will degrade a 5'-overhanging tail from duplex DNA at a greatly reduced rate.

Specific Activity: 100,000 U/mg

Catalyzes the removal of 5'-mononucleotides from duplex DNA.

Purified from a strain of E. coli that overexpresses the exonuclease gene from bacteriophage Lambda.

Supplied in:
25 mM Tris-HCl
50 mM NaCl
1.0 mM DTT
0.1% mM EDTA
50% Glycerol
pH 7.5 @ 25°C

Supplied with:
10x Lambda Exo Reaction Buffer

10x Lambda Exo Reaction Buffer:
670 mM Glycine
25 mM MgCl2
500 μg/ml BSA
pH 9.4 @ 25°C

Unit Definition:
One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme required to produce 10 nmol of acid-soluble deoxyribonucleotide from double-stranded substrates in 30 minutes at 37°C.

Recommended Storage Condition: -20°C

1. Ausubel, F. M.,et al. (1987) Current Protocols in Molecular Biology (John Wiley and Sons, Inc.)
2. Little, J.W. (1981) Gene Amp. Anal., 2, 135-145

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