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Human Trypsin-1

Recombinant Human Trypsin-1 is a genetically engineered protein expressed in E. coli and purified by standard chromatography techniques. Recombinant Human Trypsin-1 is free from any animal and human sources. There are no contaminating enzyme activities such as carboxypeptidase A and chymotrypsin. No protease inhibitors such as PMSF are contained in the preparation.
dGTP BrightDye® Terminator Cycle Sequencing Kit

The dGTP BrightDye® Terminator Cycle Sequencing Kit is optimized for sequencing GC-rich and other difficult-to-sequence templates. The dGTP BrightDye® Terminator Kit comprises dGTP, replacing dITP, which facilitates the extension through those difficult-to-sequence regions without early signal loss. This is compatible with commercially available BigDye terminator, V3.0.
BrightDye® Terminator Cycle Sequencing Kit

The BrightDye® Terminator Cycle Sequencing Kit is designed for de novo sequencing, resequencing, PCR product, plasmid, fosmid, and BAC templates by utilizing highly flexible chemistry.
NGS Library Distribution Kit

MCLab's NGS Library Distribution Kit offers fast and reliable separation, sizing and quantification of DNA or RNA libraries utilizing Capillary Electrophoresis technology, which can separate molecules with a single base difference.
Blunting Express Kit

The Blunting Express Kit can be used to generate blunt-ended DNA fragments for subsequent use in ligation, cloning, cDNA construction, and MCLAB's Topomize Amplicon Library Prep Kit (Cat# TopoA-50A or TopoA-50B).
2X MCAmp Library Amplification Master Mix

The 2X MCAmp library amplification master mix has been specially formulated to provide accurate and robust amplification of NGS (next-generation sequencing) library fragments.
5´ DNA Adenylation Kit

5´ DNA Adenylation Kit is for the enzymatic synthesis of 5 adenylated ssDNA linkers. The kit is optimized to produce the adenylated DNA with or without 3´ terminator. The 5´ DNA adenylation kit can simply and efficiently generate greater than 95% conversion of pDNA to AppDNA.
Exonuclease VII

Exonuclease VII, (Exo VII) derived from E. coli, cleaves single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) from both 5´→3´ and 3´→5´ direction. This enzyme is not active on linear or circular dsDNA. It is useful for removal of single stranded oligonucleotide primers from a completed PCR reaction when different primers are required for subsequent PCR reactions. Digestion of ssDNA by Exonuclease VII is metal-independent.
Cas9 Nuclease

Cas9 Nuclease, Streptococcus pyogenes, is an RNA-guided endonuclease that catalyzes site-specific cleavage of double stranded DNA.
Topomize DNA Library Prep Kit

MCLAB’s Topomize DNA Library Prep Kit is an innovative and fast DNA library construction kit for next generation sequencing.
HRV3C Protease

MCLAB Human Rhinovirus (HRV) 3C Protease is a recombinant cysteine protease used to remove fusion tag from proteins with the HRV 3C cleavage sequence.
RNA Poly(A) Tailing Kit

The RNA Poly(A) Tailing Kit provides high pure and active enzyme and other reagents for quickly and easily adding a poly(A) tail to the 3′ end of any RNA.
Coprecipitant Linear Acrylamide

Linear acrylamide is widely used as one of coprecipitants which are inert substances used to aid recovery of nucleic acids before alcohol precipitations.
DEPC-Treated Water

DEPC-treated Water is deionized, high quality, molecular biology grade water.
RNA Storage Buffer

With optimized solution and pH value, provides better preservation and greater RNA stability of valuable RNA samples than standard EDTA and TE Buffer or just water.
200x Blue stain

Nontoxic solution for the staining of nucleic acids in agarose gels.
10 bp DNA Ladder

The 10 bp DNA Ladder consists of nine 10-bp repeats and is suitable for sizing double-stranded DNA fragments from 20 bp to 140 bp.
Magnetic Beads Carboxylate

Magnetic beads darboxylate are uniformly coated with carboxylic acid groups on the surface.
NGS Library qPCR Quantification Kit (Illumina®-compatible)

Provides a fast and reliable method for determining the concentration of DNA library using real-time PCR (qPCR).
I-5™ 2X High-Fidelity Master Mix

High-specificity PCR amplification.

GroEL protein is a member of the chaperonin falmily that is requiered for proper protein folding.

GroES protein is a chaperonin family protein that works in conjunction with GroEL to facilitate proper protein folding.
RNA Stabilizing Solution

RNA Stabilizing Solution prevents RNA degradation during fresh tissue sample collection and homogenization.
RNA-Seq Library Construction Kit

Highly efficient library construction kit for preparing single, pair-end or multiplexed cDNA libraries for high-throughput sequencing.
Non-Amplification DNA Library Construction

Highly efficient library construction kit for preparing single, paired-end or multiplexed cDNA libraries for high-throughput sequencing.
DNA dA-Tailing Kit

DNA dA-Tailing Kit is used to add an "A" base to the 3' end of a blunt phosphorylated DNA fragment.
Fragmented DNA End Repair Kit

Using to ligate DNA adapters to dA-Tailed DNA fragments..
Fragmented DNA End Repair Kit

Fragmented DNA End Repair Kit is used for repairing Fragmented DNAed by sonication, nebulization or nucleases.
DNA Suspension Buffer

DNA Suspension Buffer is suitable for small amounts of next generation sequencing (NGS) library long-term storage.
Ni-NTA Agarose

Ni-NTA Agarose provides offer high binding capacity and minimal nonspecific binding for His-tagged proteins.


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