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Chemistry Internship

Job description:

Molecular Cloning Laboratories (MCLAB) is a leader in providing genomic research consumables and services to the Life Sciences community. Our Internship Program offers the opportunity to learn in our chemistry department. You will be working closely with and learning from some of the brightest scientists with 20+ years of experience in the industry. Not only you will learn about day-to-day tasks through their specific work assignments, but you will also interact and have exposure to our organizational leaders and their teams.

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This is ideal for someone who has some experience in organic synthesis and wish to learn new advanced techniques in synthesis related to nucleic acid chemistry and gain hands on experience working with other chemists in organic synthesis, chromatography, and analysis.
A bachelor's degree with prior knowledge of organic synthesis and HPLC analysis is preferred. 
Please mention, 'Chemistry Internship' in your application.

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