Basic DNA Sequencing Services
MC Easy Seq™

Please include hard-copies of your DNA Sequencing order form and order confirmation page with your shipment/pick-up of DNA samples.
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Name Cat# Description Price Qty
Minimum order 8 reactions. $1.99 per reaction.
Regular Format Reaction
Order less than 8 reactions. $3.49 per reaction.
Minimum order 12 reactions. DNA samples must be received by noon for same day results by 7pm
Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA)
Amplify any circular DNA from culture and colonies
PCR clean-up
Remove unincorporated primers, left-over dNTPs, salts, and other “stuff” from amplicons. Required amount varies from 10-15 ul

MCLAB provides DNA sequencing services with innovative instruments and reagents. The value for our service is conveyed through rock bottom prices and many extra add-ons, such as fast turnaround, stringent quality control, prompt tech support and convenient primer synthesis/storage options. We provide our best for a reliable and satisfying experience for our customers.

MCLAB DNA sequencing services Specifications

High quality: Up to 800 base sequence results using ABI 3730XL sequencers.

Fast turnaround time: we will deliver sequencing results within 8 to 24 hours.

Advanced technology: our proprietary DNA sequencing technologies and reagents have helped customers to solved various sequencing related problems such as hairpin, multiple RNAi loops and uneven base distributions.

Extra value packages: Free repeat, free 100+ universal primers, free pickup, free 96-well alignment tool.

Comprehensive services: We also provide other related cost efficient DNA analysis services including DNA fragment analysis, genotyping and more.

* Samples picked up before 12 noon will have the guarantee to have results delivered within 8 hours and samples picked up before 6 pm will have the guarantee to have results delivered the second morning for customers in the Bay Area.

Quality assurance
- Sample DNA normalization
- PCR clean-up
- Multi-step quality control procedures
- Technical support in primer designing and trouble shooting

Wide spectrum of DNA samples
- Plasmids
- Cosmids
- PCR products
- Phage DNA (single-stranded)
- Genomic DNA
- Larger constructs (l DNA, BAC and YAC clones)

Advanced technology
- Best and well maintained sequencing instruments
- Optimized sequencing protocols
- Innovative sequencing reagents
- Dedicated R&D and tech support teams

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Lyse-load solution (5x1ml)
Customized Competent <i>E. coli</i>
Dh5-Alpha Competent  <em>E. coli </em>
Lyse-load solution (5x1ml) Customized Competent E. coli Dh5-Alpha Competent E. coli
T4 Endonuclease VII
BL21(DE3) Competent <i>E. coli</i>
HB101 Competent <i>E. coli</i>
T4 Endonuclease VII BL21(DE3) Competent E. coli HB101 Competent E. coli
2X HotStart PCR Master Mix
<em>Taq</em> DNA Polymerase
T7 RNA Polymerase
2X HotStart PCR Master Mix Taq DNA Polymerase T7 RNA Polymerase